Preparing For 2016 With Cloud Control

Preparing For 2016 With Cloud Control
Cloud computing security risks, Preparing For 2016 With Cloud Control
What started out as a different way to share files is now a significant extension for almost any business. Initially used for accessing and distributing files in an efficient manner, many skeptics turned a blind eye toward cloud computing and many still are today.

Like most products that we use today, the cloud is still a work-in-progress, but it also opens up several opportunities for businesses of all stripes, from your local laundry to a multinational manufacturing corporation. Even more, the cloud has dramatically changed the IT landscape as we know it. Competition is shifting and markets are changing too.

Many experts speculate that if businesses were to compete in today's environment, they would at least, have to keep an eye on cloud computing and be familiar with its basics. Why is this?

IT will no longer be seen as the wannabe little brother wanting to play in the big kid's playground. Many businesses today already have a branch of IT of their own, but it's never seen as a catalyst. According to, IT will soon become a business coach as well as critical analyst. If it gets its way, they can play the business game by their way, changing the game of sales and causing that differentiation. After all, it's important to be fishing in a different pond.

Cloud and Your Business

The whole game of cloud computing is to achieve the maximum results possible, whilst lowering as much costs as possible. It's not a case of cutting corners, but having your team work efficiently. To determine the costs, regulations and control over the placement of the cloud should be monitored. Role-based access regulations should be applied to ensure that device is being used by the right person and at the right placement. Marketing, for instance, may have their cloud based policies, so will operations and finance.

In contrast, the cloud has left several hungry cloud vendors and suppliers, that there's simply too many to choose from, paradoxically making owners feel out of control. The logic behind this; when there are too many suppliers and vendors to choose from, you could never keep track of them simultaneously. The benefit of having a single supplier is control, trust and partnership. As of now, more and more businesses are inching toward that single-supplier control, which makes sense.

The tables are turning as the client has more power on how the pieces fit together. What used to be about cost, quality and time is now being replaced by speed, risk management and control. That's not to say the customer wants a fair quality for a fair price. Where does IT fit into all of this? As a service, it can empower businesses to find trusted advisors and bring together a better cloud environment.

Intro to Platform-as-a-service and Coders

The next step is to be in a different conveyor belt as the others. To gain a competitive edge, you'll need to hire specialist coders. Instead of having to buy, design, build and consolidate infrastructure, you can implement the Platform-as-a-service (Paas) for your business. You can manage web applications without the complexity of managing it. You can test, experiment and rebuild web applications and learn from it without the sticky mess of restarting back at square 1. Those who aren't hiring specialist that can improve your businesses' web application are going to miss out on a lot.

It's not about the strongest, nor is it about the smartest. It's the quickest to adapt to the changing environment is the one that will survive. Whether it's good for business or not is a subject of continued debate. As of now, business owners should at least, keep a close eye on it.

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