Designing A Cloud Infrastructure That Is Right For Your Business

Yes, the workforce has changed and it will continue to change year after year. No longer is it necessary for employees to be under one roof or at a single business location. Flexibility is the new business mantra!

Cloud-based desktops offer the comforts of a locally based desktop - anywhere! Lost files are a thing of the past. Storage is easier than ever before. Access is without question a snap. Whether it's a small business or a large or multi-site corporation, the cloud enables remote services for businesses and their employees wherever they are. Work anywhere, anytime, anyplace with state-of-the-art servers and terminals - customized solutions that are right for each individual company.

Companies know that employees need to be mobile with the ability to access their App's, Microsoft programs, email, multiple virtual drives, and everything in between - all from one device or multiple devices at anytime achieving increased productivity and overall success. With a fully functional cloud-based "desktop as a service" (DaaS), all the comforts of a locally based desktop anywhere anytime is achieved.

An employee calls and says they cannot come into the office, not a problem! Another employee has a family emergency and they need to be away from the office? No problem! Employees working out of state? No problem! Everything is easily accessible and just as easily stored as necessary when you need it. Companies can now be more efficient, flexible and productive wherever they are. The cloud offers a user-friendly but powerful communication system that will grow along side of any business. It offers solutions that supports voice, unified communications and collaboration, unified messaging, and mobility out-of-the-box, all the while remaining easy to manage.

The cloud creates a natural migration path for customers while evolving technology to meet the needs of today's demanding business. This system has the lowest total cost of ownership and also has achieved the highest overall score of all vendors in a customer-based survey by a leading research firm. Consider it cost effective freedom from inefficiency and employee emergencies.

A quality service company will have certified technicians assess your communication system and help you get prepared for any service-affecting event.

They should be able to offer VoIP and Converged Telephony, IT Consulting and Network infrastructure through their Professional Services.

These time-tested strategies produce sound and sustainable IT solutions for every facet of business operations right down to the most minute details.

Cloud 3C provides clients with a consultative way to best use " Cloud Services " and "On Premise" (CPE) technology to save money on Telephone, Data and Video Communications; either hosted or CPE with Voice over the Internet ( VoIP ), Traditional PBX and/or Converged solutions. Call today 407.732.5730 to request a consultation.

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