Bitcoin Investment Prospects during the Corona Pandemic

 The price of bitcoin (BTC) has skyrocketed to touch around US $ 11 thousand in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. Even though it is not a record high price, it is the highest price since last year.

The corona virus pandemic has made investors shift their investment to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

"Because the price of bitcoin has actually increased during a pandemic, where the price of other investment commodities was exposed or fell due to the impact of Covid-19. People certainly choose the right investment to secure their money,"

The current high price of bitcoin is a sign that this cryptocurrency will enter a bullish trend. According to him, this is in line with predictions of crypto money analysts in the world.

Bitcoin price movements depend on supply and demand. However, momentum such as the corona pandemic and government policies in several countries related to crypto money also helped to raise the price of bitcoin.

recently the United States has allowed banks to use cryptocurrency.

"This is because crypto money, especially bitcoin, has proven its position not to be shaken by the global crisis. In fact, prices have actually increased,"

Several countries will also follow the use of crypto money so that there is a potential for demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to skyrocket.

"So, it is possible for bitcoin price to increase more than this, even though the increase is gradually," in the years 2021-2022-2023

does not rule out that the price of bitcoin will record new highs throughout history.

"Although the rise in bitcoin is gradual and there will be times when the market will be saturated and investors are profit taking. However, this will not take long and the price of bitcoin will rise again.

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